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Unit 711 | Los Cabos

Entire place
|3 Bedrooms|


Cascadas del Pedregal | Unit 711

Perched on to the rock Wall of the desert mountain, Cascadas Del Pedregal shines in sublime contour against the blue skies. Within this magical compound, in the tower’s second floor, paradise has opened a wonderful door.
From the start, the black-wooded door impacts the sight of the pristine white walls surrounding the home. As it gives in, a long corridor lined with doors and a few paintings guides the path towards the beauty of the home, and then to the wonders hidden in plain sight at the Terrace that overlooks the hills, pools, city, desert and Sea. From the small living room with woven chairs and loud blue couches sitting in front of the marble-lined fire pit, to the outer diner in round formation gazing at the horizon and the chromed grill and service bar that shine underneath the blue glass whales that swim in the wall, life could not be more beautiful when gazing at the wonders of the Los Cabos’ world.
Within the comfort of the home, hidden behind the glass panels that segregate the heat on the deck from the cold air the AC units breathe, the Living Room seems to be a work of art. The L shape of the grey-suede-couches frame a soft rug of geometrical patterns, which lifts the weight of a small, wooden centerpiece; in front, the small entertainment center sits underneath the levitating TV set. Blue vases and couches decorate the otherwise quiet room.

Shoulder by shoulder, the Diner sits peacefully next to the cinereous couch. The long wooden table in dark and grey tones seems to be basking in the light that enters through the glass windows. A long bench serves as seats on one side of the table. On the heads and the other side, rich blue seats cushioned by soft fabrics line the wood. The drawer set propped against the wall perfectly matches the Diner’s tune, reflecting the scene with the large mirror that supports itself on the top of the wooden fitment. Along with a multicolored vase, little else adorns the room.
In the back, behind a breakfast bar lined with four stools in leather seats, the Kitchen spreads in comfortable embrace. The sandy marble of the breakfast bar, polished into a mirror, is only broken by the soft chromed pool of the sink. Underneath, dark wooden cabinets form a wall, interrupted only by the dishwasher machine. On the other side of the fully equipped Kitchen, the same sandy marble covers the countertop. This time, the large stove with iron grills is the one that breaks the even surface. In the backsplash, hundreds of glass tiles cluster together, forming improbable patterns in the wall. Above and on the side, dark wooden cabinets fill in the blanks and encase the over-range microwave and fridge. Past a small door, the walk-in pantry opens. The floating boards that line the wall support heavy weights, and hide in the corner a small security box for your convenience.

Next to the main body of the home, on the left, the Master Bedroom opens its door to reveal its wonders. As entered, the massive King-Size bed occupies the center of the room. Its black wooded headrest and under-drawers make the pearly overall of the bed linens shine with powerful glee. The nightstands on each side perfectly match the woods of the bed, enhancing sublimely the soft color of the wall and the marble floors. A large, stripped rug sits beneath the massive bed, offering comfort from the cold floors. With a small couch near the sliding glass door, a small drawer-set in woods sits underneath the TV, pinned to the wall. A door leads into the privacy of the Master Bath, where the world can come into a halt to provide comfort and luxury. The corner-shower has been shielded by tempered glass walls that protect the inside marble tiles from the plastered wall. A bathtub has been encased in dark woods and marble countertops, directly in front of the double sink with its massive mirror and crème colored marble top. Within the closet, the dark woods provide ample space for storing your wardrobe, and a small safety box for special goods.

Walking back towards the entrance, the laundry room is next. The fully equipped room offers a washer-dryer center and a metal table for ironing, as well as housing the electric heater.

Next is the Second Master. As the door opens, a magnificent King-size bed crowned by a wooden headrest shines with its white linens. On each side, dark nightstands hold simple, beautiful lamps with fabric screens. In front of the bed, a wooden closet holds large space for storage, and in a dent of the fitment, a large TV set faces the bed. Past a small sliding glass door, a short deck opens to reveal potted plants and buggy boards.

In front of the second master, the Guest Bedroom waits. In here, twin beds are propped against the wall. One of the beds is hidden underneath the white wooden frame of the first one. A small white fitment sits in the corner, offering storage space, while a TV faces the beds, pinned into the wall.

Within the hallway, the guest bathroom is shared by the second master and the guest room. The marble countertop of the sink is guarded by a large mirror, and in the end, the shower is shielded by glass walls and lined by marble tiles that reach the upper part of the shower.

In this world of wonders, little can compare to the sheer beauty of this home. With a new tower slowly rising as the construction in done, a swift walk from the next-door parking lot leads into this marvelous place. With the finishing touches of the pool on their way, such as lounge chairs and shades, soon there will be no other place on earth as this.

*** Wireless Internet Free***
*** Some areas still under construction***
Welcome home.

Unit 711



Price Details
Price per night: $ 550
Minimum no of nights: 3
County: Los Cabos
State: Belize
Country: Mexico
Listing Details
Property ID: 36205
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 6 Guests
Air Conditioner
BBQ Grill
Dining Area
Laundry Room
Living Room
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Wireless Internet


December 2022
January 2023
$ 550 per night

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