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Cascadas 405 | Los Cabos

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Cascadas del Pedregal | Unit 405

Dwelling within the hills that surround Los Cabos’ bay, white towers rise towards the sky and seem to rule the area around, like a castle overlooking its kingdom. In its in the first floor of this scenario of hills and cliffs, that unit 405 holds its ground in the first floor, right above the ground-floor parking lot.

Inside the black door, a narrow hall leads the way. On the right side of the hall, a door opens to reveal the fully equipped laundry. On the left, the Guest Bedroom makes its grand appearance as two full size beds held down by large headrests in dark cushions and carved woods are segregated by a small nightstand. In front of the beds, a wooden fitment serves as an entertainment center and closet. An inner door takes you to the guest bath, where a hollow ceramic cube serves as a sink underneath a large mirror embedded into the wall. Glass walls shield away the splashing cascade that flows in the inside of the marble covered shower.

In the center-hold of the home, the kitchen rests near the back wall. The dark marble countertop and the many cabinets, both supporting the stone and floating above it, shine with glee against the silvery skin of the cooking appliances. In front of the kitchen, a long bar of marble stone and wood is heavily guarded by six bar stools that line up in the breakfast bar.

Next is the Diner, where a glass tabletop sits in wooden legs, surrounded by six chairs with carved frames of wood and decorated cushions in the back and seat. Ornamental vases sit on top of the table and mark a subtle contrast with the carved woods of the fitments against the wall and their marble countertops. Each of them with wonderful decorations, unique in both style and form.

Near the sliding glass doors that lead into the deck, the Living Room awaits. The large, L shaped couch in cushioned fabrics surround a magnificent coffee table of carved woods and incrusted marble stone. Facing the table, a bench like fitment serves as monitor console for the TV set that orbits above. On the other side of the room, near the wall, a similar bench is decorated by vases and dry twigs in smaller size to the ones near the window.

Through a door in the diner, the Master Room sits patiently in the morning sun. A large king size bed is held in a carved wood frame and cushioned leather, riveted by iron decorations. Underneath, a rug seems to uphold the bed’s weight with its fabric. On either side, nightstands of light wood color and carvings of sun flowers and marble tops support beautiful lamps. The fitment in front of the bed is carved in the same manner, causing the large TV set above it to stand out even more from the antique decoration of the room. Next to a canvassed sunset, a long corridor shields the closet with wooden doors and leads into the Master Bath. In here, double sinks in the same forms as the guest bathroom sit underneath a large mirror glass. The shower has been carefully crafted from marble tiles and tempered glass.

And yet, the star of the show is not inside, but in the deck. All the grandeur of the decorations ad up until exploding into space and view outside the sliding glass doors. From the master bedroom, three lounge chairs gaze into the city and sea below. From the living room, a small coffee table in dark intertwined materials is shielded by chairs in the same attire, gazing at the hills and the sky above. And next to a corner, an open room basks in the light. From the large living room in white woven threads surrounding an embellishing work of art, to the small four-piece diner that faces a marble counter and cabinets, space is all but shy. Opening its arms to grant you welcome, this vast room allows for comfort, even housing a grill in the corner to be used with family and friends. But, outside the rail guards, the sheer size of the hills, bay and sky humble the room into a pondering gaze, seemingly wondering what else this life could need but the sunrise and dawn.

Welcome to Cascadas del Pedregal’s unit 405.

Unit 405




Price Details
Price per night: $ 450
Minimum no of nights: 3
County: Los Cabos
State: Baja California Sur
Country: Mexico
Listing Details
Property ID: 36185
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 6 Guests
Air Conditioner
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Family/Kid Friendly
Laundry Room
Living Area
Living Room
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Wireless Internet


February 2023
March 2023
$ 450 per night

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