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H 502 | Los Cabos

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|2 Bedrooms|



 Puerta Cabos Village | H 502

In a dreamland filled with the ancient legend of the spawns of Morvarc’h, where they roam the waters and crash into foaming sands at the shore, ivory towers shine in the blazing Sun and provide shelter from the rising heatwaves. Inside the shelter, the salty breeze of the sea creates an air so pure; every breath seems to renew your life. It is in such a World, that luxury becomes as essential as life itself. In the words of the myth, “Luxury is the only necessity in life. Everything else is insubstantial”.

At the fifth floor of this paradise, there lies the gateway for a magical encounter between man and his desires. Past the dark wood with the golden-carved runes that encase numbers, a marble floor, seemingly made from the very desert dunes compressed into slates and polished into mirrors, merges into white walls of smooth surface that reach a flat-lined ceiling. At the far corner, from the door, a world of wonders is visible. Paintings of colorful faces and subtle decorations create small disturbances against the otherwise immaculate walls. And on the left, the kitchen waits.

In here, the granite countertops seem to have been carved out of a single, gargantuan stone. The many wooden cabinets, dressed in their raven skin, seem to have been a massive tree that managed to grow from inside the boulder. A slate of black glass heats up to become a stove, and the many silvery appliances break the wavy play of light, bursting into an explosion of rays that send sunshine into the ceiling. On the other side of this long, ample corridor, a massive wooden closet hides the washing center, and shields the fridge from view. Three stools stand, like chromed Flamingos, in one leg. Their gyrating seats seem like a nest in which to rest.

The diner’s throne faces the sea and the multicolored sky, and its counterpart faces the host. In this fashion, like the days of the Kings of Old, the remaining six chairs gather around the wooden plank of the tabletop. The leathery seats of the chairs shine against the light, and the rug underneath provide comfort against the hard rock. The mirror that hangs from the wall, with its iron accents creating an eye and its broad wooden frame nailed in place, gives a sense of grandeur as it distributes light and mimics the world around in a silent play.
To the right, sturdy stones mark the base for the pillars that show the entrance to the bedrooms.

The Master Bedroom hides behind a black door. As soon as opened, it shows a corridor that leads to the bed. A dent in the wood provides the door, and a marble countertop illuminates the sink, where a polished mirror gazes back. To the right, a shower covered with stone tiles and shielded by glass. To the left, a niche holds a tub, carefully secluded by wooden swinging doors that provide the entrance to light and to the wonderful landscape outside. The King Size Bed is framed in wood, with a low headrest in matching tones. The white bed seems even larger thanks to the gray of the wall behind and the colorful painting that gives joy to the room. The closet is set into the wall, with light colored wood hiding its secrets from view.

On the other side, the Guest bathroom is as marvelous as the Master Bath. In here, the sink flows down the corridor and into the shower, where marble tiles cover the room head high. Wonderful corals of iron hang from the wall.
The Guest bedroom is situated past a small door, and in here, a large window sheds light into the area. A painting hangs atop of the small bench that acts as a counter, and the twin beds stand tall and proud, with their cushioned gray headrests proudly stretching their necks. The darker gray of the wall absorbs some of the iridescence, and the black wood of the encased closet gives warmth when the sunlight caresses its skin.

Back in the main frame of the house, the living room waits. In here, the Deep Ocean color of the back wall makes a fascinating effect on the explosion of psicodelic colors in the oil canvas that hangs in its center. The L shaped couch in gray cushions matches the color of the center table made from wood. The long-fiber rug matches the wall, and the many decorations give the illusion of a tale of mermaids, where the ocean is ever-present in the home. From here, and past the sliding doors of glass that shield the home from the Powerful Sun, the terrace sits basking in the light.

In this last room, the world seems to change back into a legend of Old. A small table with four chairs faces the hills and the desert, and beyond that, the sea. A loveseat and a pendulum chair hold white cushions against their dark weave. The nest seems to be the perfect resting place, idyllic for those who enjoy the sensation of floating in the wind. They both face the sea, and the magnificent skies of Los Cabos.
In this land, the Sky is the Queen, and she dresses lavishly for mornings and afternoons, when her King, the Sun, rises and falls. Together, they create a spectacle similar to the northern lights, but burning with the passion from their love, the explosion is of reds and gold and the entire palette in between.

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Price Details
Price per night: $ 300
Minimum no of nights: 3
County: Los Cabos
State: Belize
Country: Mexico
Listing Details
Property ID: 36353
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 6 Guests
Air Conditioner
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Family/Kid Friendly
Free Parking on Premises
Living Area
Living Room
Non Smoking
Ocean View
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Wireless Internet


October 2022
November 2022
$ 300 per night

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