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F4404 Las Mañanitas | Los Cabos

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Las Mañanitas | F4404

Inside one of the most prominent and luxurious residential zones in San Jose del Cabo, life seems to turn around into a dream, a utopia. In a desert land, where cacti populate the otherwise barren hills, this tropical dream exists, seemingly taunting the Desert. Decorated and built in the Hacienda style, so beloved in Mexico, it is truly a place to remember. Life could not be more perfect, alas, it is.

In the fourth floor of one of the towers, perfectly hidden by the natural construction of the condominiums, hidden away from sight, is a home the likes of which cannot be held justice with words. Feelings can only describe it, and the feeling is awe.

Past a simple wooden door, with alabaster numbers fixed into the wood, white marble covers the entire floor, in heavy contrast with the red tiles outside the unit. The pristine, white walls make the room feel as if carved out of a pearl. To the right, a small, fully equipped kitchen waits patiently for your use. The granite countertops are colored in grey and dark tones, and then polished into a mirror. The natural colored wood in light tones seems to shine just as much. Every now and then, the silvery finish of the inox chrome appliances break the bond between the dark counter and the light cabinets, creating a wonderfully luscious effect.

As four bar stools line up the granite countertop, a table for four in dark woods sits alone in the Diner. A bowl of blown glass is held by the table, and a small mini bar patiently waits by the corner.

With a three-piece-set living room in white suede, a small coffee table in dark woods, and a rather marvelous entertainment center, there is not much occupying the room. A few corner tables and lamps are scattered in the corners, and a large vase and some spheres seem to be all. Even the drapes seem innocuous, but past the sliding glass door, paradise reveals in such marvelous, magnificent ways, it all comes to sense. The majesty of the home is not its insides, but the power of the land it sits on.

Once in the terrace, just outside the living room, two chairs and a small table face directly into a roaring, steel blue dragon so vast, its end cannot be seen; The Sea of Cortez. White foam forms on the surf, where the blue waters crash against the light colored sand. Directly below the unit, green grass and palm trees mingle with sapphire pools, a perfect oasis in this land of dry heat. To the right of the terrace, outside the Master Bedroom, two lounge chairs in comfortable cushions overlook the sea and beach, all until lost in the curve of land at the very end of this vast bay. Across, by the Second Master, a Diner set for six people waits patiently for reunions under the stars, or family gatherings by the sunlight.

The Master room seems to be an entirely different style. A King Size bed is crowned by a massive wooden headrest in light colored natural wood, with ribbons and twirls in the carving, seemingly stretching the wood from the center and into the corners. Two nightstands seem to take guard on either side of the bed, holding lamps of different shapes and colors, while in front; a fantastical, massive entertainment center seems to have been carved from the trunk of a millennial tree. The many shapes inside the piece create an ambiance of mystery. Wonderment surges in the white suede lounge chair that sits idle by the sliding glass door, silently gazing into the ever-changing horizon, with its turquoise afternoons and multicolored dawns and dusks. The large vanity set that shows its back to the lounge chair is set in light colored wood, and the large mirror seems to reflect the perfection of the scenery, along with the perfect light given by the sun. Seemingly holding down the weight of the mirror, carved pillars of wood twist like fantastical dragons framing the entrance to another world. The bathroom for the Master Bedroom is hidden inside a small hallway, lined by a double sink in beautiful, light colored marble. The large mirror that seems to connect both sinks reflects the wooden closet, carefully shielded by its doors, which in turn match the wooden cabinets underneath the sinks. Past a small door, the bath area is accessed. Once inside, a marble cave seems to unfold, with the tiles reaching the ceiling inside the shower, and waist high in the remaining of the room.

The Second Master room holds a similar allure to the Master Bedroom. The large, fantastical King Size bed is topped with a wooden headrest in the manner of a Princess Bed, with curtains and drapes hanging from curtain rods atop the headrest, hiding away the wood and providing a sense of majesty difficult to find outside a palace. The nightstands holds lamps, like guardians holding torches to fend off the dark. Wrought iron figures hang from the wall, and a large, wooden entertainment center faces the bed. As in the Master Room, it seems as if it have been carved out of a hundred-year-old tree, gently shaped by the patient hands of a master woodsman. In here, instead of a lounge chair, two chairs and a small table sit by the window, patiently watching the artist that transforms the skies, and the waves crashing into the sand in the distance. The unimaginable diamond that is the Sea of Cortez shines and glistens against the harsh sun. In the bathroom, the light colored marble makes two small pools for the sinks, atop of wooden cabinets, and the mirror perfectly reflects the wooden doors that hide away the closet. The cave reopens in this room, showing, this time, a pearl against the sandy ground. This prefect, pristine bed is the tub, with its white surface shinning against the dirt-colored tiles of marble. The ribbons of stone that line the edge waist high seem to be ropes holding down the stone, and inside the shower, the restriction is broken and reaches the ceiling.

The Guest bedroom is entirely a different world. In here, two double beds sleep side by side, separated by a nightstand in wooden skin. The white covers of the beds are broken by wonderfully colorful patterns, reminding of the tails of the Birds of Paradise. On the nightstand, a table lamp irradiates light, and to the right, wood covers the walls hiding away a closet that covers the entire length of the room. Once again, double sinks appear in the wash room, carved into a marble countertop. The mirror perfectly reflects the entire washing area, and the wooden cabinets seem to be Atlas’s, supporting the weight of the marble and the mirror atop their shoulders. These caves seem to have been carved out of magnificent, large stones, and then covered from the waist and up with a white, smooth surface. However, as in the other two rooms, the shower remains intact, just the stone edged out and made into a pit where water can flow freely from the skies.

There is one more bathroom in this home, and it consists of a single sink in white-ish marble, sitting pleasantly atop of a wooden cabinet. Instead of a shower, there are wooden doors that hide away the washer-dryer combo, perfectly mimicking the times where only the owners could see, or know, where the supplies existed in the room. For the rest, it was all pure luxury.

Welcome home, to this scaled down castle. We hope you have a pleasant stay, and that we see you soon in this piece of heaven.






Price Details
Price per night: $ 650
Minimum no of nights: 3
Listing Details
Property ID: 36854
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 8 Guests max
Air Conditioner
Dining Room
Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
Laundry Room
Ocean View
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Tennis Court
Wireless Internet


August 2022
September 2022
$ 650 per night

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