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F4304 Las Mañanitas | Los Cabos

Entire place
|3 Bedrooms|



 Las Mañanitas | F4304

The words “Taylor-made” strike a sense of awe and inspiration in most people around the world. It requires, by sheer power of the phrase, beauty. And this very concept, and all it encompasses, has been poured, distilled, into this third-story home.
Welcome, to Las Mañanitas Residential.

**** IMPORTANT: This property is for sale and previous permission would be required to show it with in advance notice.****

Meant to create a unique atmosphere since the very first glance, the kitchen looks and feels like a wondrous Five Star Restaurant; watered down, dark tones in the wooden cabinets surround the room ceiling high, while the marble in the countertop playfully merges gold and light with ebony and dark in its marble stone surface, causing magic to seem real in this elegant design. The high tech appliances range from black to silvery chrome, fusing flashes of sheer light with subtle tones of calming warmth. At the very end of this Kitchen, inside two wooden doors, a small area has been destined to hold a fully functional washer-dryer combo. Just outside of the Kitchen, merely inches away from the granite marvel that is the countertop; three elegant bar stools in inox chrome studs and leather seats are formed.

And from there, the Diner appears.
Close to the wall, a large mirror occupies most of the wall. Above, honey colored counters in wood seem to float, levitating next to the wall. Luscious couches cover the wall from the mirror and down, creating a booth that competes with the best restaurants in the world. Along with this, dark wood creates a simple, fantastical table, while six leather chairs in deep colors frame and guard the wooden structure. A wonderful, colorful fish swims through the air above the tabletop, gently resting its fins in the wood. Alas, that is not all.

A second Diner is just to the center of the room. This time, heavy wood floats atop of a marvelous, colorful rug, with six chairs in Mexican Rattan and wooden legs stand guard around. A rooster seems to sings its triumph to life in a colorful array of blown glass. A few frames with paintings contained inside of them decorate the wall­.

And to the right, the Master Bedroom. An explosion of color appears into sight as soon as the door is opened. The vibrant clothing of the King Size bed shows a sharp contrast with the dark wood of the headrest and frame, while mixing perfectly with the golden marble of the floor. Simple nightstands on both ends, and flowers painted and floating above the bed, little can match the life inside this room. A honey colored entertainment center faces the bed, while dark drawers stand next to the warm glass of the sliding door that leads to the terrace. A hallway leads to the Master Bath, with white marble countertops and ovaline sinks sitting side by side in front of a massive mirror that covers the entire hall. On its reflection, wooden doors hide the closet from the view of the world. A wooden arch marks the entrance to the lavatory facilities. As you enter, and to the right, is the shower, covered in brown marble tiles up to the ceiling, and with small portions of safety glass blocking the splash of the water from reaching the outside. A wooden cabinet floats silently next to the shower, offering pristine towels and beautiful paintings. To the left, the tub- this pure, white pearl sitting in the dirt-colored marble seems to stand out, showing off its wonders against the luxurious stone.

Across the Diner, two more rooms await. The Second Master, in the exact opposite of the Master Room, seems otherworldly indeed. Black woods seem to encase the vibrant colors of the King size bed’s linens, and an orange rug sits basking in the light that floods the room from the sliding doors. A single couch in colors that match the bed waits patiently for your favorite book. Once more, as in the Master Room, a honey colored entertainment center faces the bed, with a TV floating above the wood. The bathroom for this room is private, as well as the Master’s, and its arrangement is just as marvelous. Two sinks in marble counters face a massive mirror glass that stretches all across the bathroom. Inox chrome lamps levitate next to the mirror, illuminating it all. Once more, wooden fitments float by the wall, offering towels and necessities of the shower area. Wooden cabinets support the weight of the sinks, and marble tiles cover the room waist high. The shower seems to be hidden away from the world by a wall of stone that reaches the waist and a glass pane that reaches the top, with yet another mirror that waits patiently by the door, separating the shower from the entrance to the bath.

In between this two rooms, the Living room sits. In here, a loveseat, two individual couches, a recliner and a center-piece couch comfortably co-exist around a rug in stripes of red against white. A woman carries fruit in a painting in the back, while a large fitment works as an entertainment center supporting two long, tower speakers for the floating TV.

No drapes or curtains block the view, for blocking the view would be a crime. Just outside of the sliding doors, and accessible from both Master and Second Master rooms as well, the terrace lays flat in the air, with nothing but green grass, emerald palm trees, sapphire pools and turquoise skies and steel-blue seas. Paradise is at its best in this piece of land. Whilst in the terrace, an outer living room can be accessed from the inner one, from the Master Room, a Diner is in place. From the Second Master, two large lounge chairs face the common grounds and the sea, with a rocking chair next to them.

There is one more piece in this fantasy, and it sits quietly in the back of the home. Following a small hallway next to the kitchen, another room opens up. Two single beds are comfortably placed inside this room, with a massive closet hiding behind wooden doors. On top of one bed, a Marlin Fish seems to jump in joy. The coral patterns in the bed sheets create an atmosphere found only in the tropical waters of the Sea of Cortez. The other bed, built inside three walls of wood, holds similar patterns on its sheets. This time, a Star Fish enlightens the path to the Land Of Dreams. The guest bathroom can be accessed from this room as well, with a single sink in white marble countertops and brownish marble tiles that surround the area. As in the other baths, a wooden cabinet that seems to float by the wall on its own accord offers towels and more. The shower is also shielded away from behind safety glass that reaches the ceiling, and tiles that reach the waist.

In all, this home is much more that can be thought or imagined. Silently, allow Cabo to find a place inside your heart, and we know that this home will occupy the very core of that place.
Welcome Home.





Price Details
Price per night: $ 650
Minimum no of nights: 3
Listing Details
Property ID: 36829
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 6 Guests
Air Conditioner
Bar / Restaurant
Beach Acces
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Laundry Room
Living Area
Living Room
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Tennis Court
Wireless Internet


December 2022
January 2023
$ 650 per night

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