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AA1 Las Mañanitas | Los Cabos

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 Las Mañanitas | AA1

Walking down towards the beach and the sea beyond, inside one of the most beautiful compounds in Los Cabos, and past wonderful fountains and towers the color of terracotta, an iron gate with exquisite shapes and contours limits the way, and opens into a world of wonders previously unknown. From the bench that sits peacefully outside the gate, and to the gate itself, this entrance seems like the shielded door that leads into a palace. And so it does.

As soon as the green wooded door is opened, the world seems to twist and twirl into another reality, far different from the desert land that surrounds the peninsula. Red tiles cover the floor, shinning against the crème colored walls.

A fantastical rug sits on the floor, with its brown-red colors blushing the floor tiles. On the right, a wooden fitment curves its way into the center, with soft paintings of palm trees adorning its surface while a large mirror in thick frames hoovers above. An arch can be seen dividing the living room from this magical drawing-room. And still the magic goes on as another fitment, in thick, heavy-looking woods of natural color shields books from the passing of time, and a wooden chair in colorful cushions sits underneath a potted plant, basking in the light from the fixture above.

With a small step below the arched wall, the home seems to expand in an unbelievable way.
And, queue, the living room. In this ample, wide open space, an L shaped couch completely dressed in leather occupies the center of it all, while three orbs of stone seem to hold down the fitment to the floor. On the side, an elegant iron stand with a circular glass top holds a lamp of similar features. On the back, facing the diner, a wooden desk riveted with iron decorations holds the phone line, internet modem, and a matching lamp. In between the L shape of the couch, a large, wonderful coffee table has been topped with a single slate of glass, revealing the intricate patterns of the iron twisted into a base and lower slate. Below, the rug sheds even more beauty by shining through the glass with its ribboned patterns of brown and dark. In front of the couch, three grand arches carved into the wall serve as hideouts for two large clay vases and the TV set. Facing towards the diner, a painting of wonderful shades of green hangs in the wall, and three sturdy pillars support the arches that lead into the various parts of this home.

As you move in towards the kitchen, the diner steps into play. In the limelight of a wonderful chandelier, the seven chaired round table is supported by an iron cylinder, twisted and carved into wonderful forms. The chairs, in heavy wood frames and wood-weave seats, have been cushioned in delicate fabrics. An extra chair is propped against the wall, facing the ever changing colors of the sky outside the sliding glass doors that surround the diner. In the archway that leads into the kitchen, a subtle coloration of the wall, almost like a watermark left there by an ancient decoration, gives a sense of awe and admiration. Surrounding the sun drapes in all rooms, a fabric guard of flowers and browns enhances the beauty of the home.

Once inside the kitchen, the receiving breakfast bar made from marble stone and set in light colored woods creates a beauty that cannot be compared. The iron-and-leather bar stools that shield the crescent shape of the stone can only improve in the majesty of it all. Scattered throughout the kitchen, white appliances break the earthy colors of the stone, shinning like pearls in the sandy surface of the sea. A ceiling fan wide large, leaf-like blades, swirls gently above the breakfast bar. Closing in to the hallway that leads into the bedrooms, a small bar has been set in marble top and wooden cabinets, with a small sink with shiny chromed skin.

And then, through a corridor in the living room, the Master Bedroom opens its wonders. Centerfold, a massive King Size bed is adorned with floating iron twists that cling to the wall. The sandy color of the bed sheets has been matched in the cushions of the small iron bench that waits at the feet of the bed, as the stone nightstands on each side hold lamps of wondrous design. From both sliding glass doors, the terrace can be accessed, passing underneath the shade-guards of ribbons and fabric twists. Past a small door, the Master Bath is found. In here, twin sinks of painted Mexican pottery share a massive mirror and tiled countertop, with a shower shielded away by glass blocks and artisan tiles on the right. In the center, a crescent shaped bathtub in pure white sits patiently. Reflected in the mirror, a massive walk-in closet awaits use.

As you walk towards the twin doors that divide the living room from the Second Master, a small lounge is found. As a three-seat couch in cushioned fabric is pressed against the wall, an individual couch sits in angle, offering just enough room between the two for a small wooden coffee table to fit snugly against the wall. The remainder of the space gives ample room to walk towards the door. Entering the Second Master, the King Size bed sits in the center, with palm tree leafs imprinted in the bed sheets. A large, wooden and leather crown has been set as a headrest for this work of art. By the feet, a rug depicting palms matches the bed’s gown. On each side, heavy-looking nightstands of oily wood support lamps of wonderful formations. Front of the bed, a TV perches itself on the wall, with a small bench underneath holding the sound system. A leather chair and ottoman complete the scene. Inside the private bathroom, mirror-glass doors hide away the ample closet and reflect the double sink and large mirror, as well as the wooden cabinets underneath. With the shower hidden away from plain sight, the center is occupied by a bathtub, surrounded by white tiles and lit by iron pedestals with candles.

Past a corridor, where a fully equipped laundry room and a guest bathroom hide away behind closed doors and a watermark embellishes the wall, the Guest Bedroom is found. In here, two full size beds are separated by a large wooden nightstand decorated by iron orbs that seem to drift away carried by the wind. The floral sheets in the beds cause a visual impact against the simplicity of the headrests made from wood in natural color. A ceiling fan, equal to the one on the kitchen, circulates fresh air around the room. In front of the beds, a large entertainment center holds the TV set. A small chair sits by the window, facing the beds. This room has a private bathroom, where the image of the Second Master Bath seems to be mirrored. Sliding doors of mirror-glass hide the closet, and reflect the green tones of the double sink and its cabinets, while the shower is hidden by tiles and glass blocks. In the center, a bathtub shines in pure white.

And, as the crown’s jewel, the terrace, accessible from all bedrooms, living room and diner, by sliding glass doors. As two iron chairs sit facing the sea, with a small coffee table made from iron and topped with a stone slate separating them, a large outer diner has been topped with marble stone and guarded by six chairs of iron and cushioned fabric. A small sink sits in the tiled countertop above wooden cabinets, with a magnificent ornament of iron hoovering above. And then, two lounge chairs sit underneath the shade, facing the magical wonders of this land’s ocean and sky.

Welcome to paradise. Welcome to your home-away-from-home.




Price Details
Price per night: $ 890
Minimum no of nights: 3
County: Los Cabos
State: Belize
Country: Mexico
Listing Details
Property ID: 36533
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3.5
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 8 Guests max
Air Conditioner
Bar / Restaurant
Beach Acces
Beach Club
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Family/Kid Friendly
Ice Maker
Living Area
Living Room
Non Smoking
Ocean View
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Tennis Court
Wireless Internet


December 2022
January 2023
$ 890 per night

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