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2503 Tortuga Bay | Los Cabos

Entire place
|2 Bedrooms|


Tortuga Bay | 2503

A stone arch, gracefully encasing a wooden red door with iron accents. Two small lamps, one on each side, provide the feeling of facing an ancient castle. Cacti and desert plants are highlighted by the rich blue horizon made from the Sea of Cortez and the Baja sky…

As you enter, the world changes.

Feeling like an age-old construction, the old and the new match and blend in marvelous, unknown ways. Woodworks embed in the wall support a few ornaments, while a mirror hangs by its brass frame next to a small lamp. Two double-sized futons in a deep, rich chocolate color are met with a vibrant red rug, while a single couch, with a matching rattan coffee table sit idly inside the secluded pre-entrance. An old door, pinned to the wall, has been painted with a lovely landscape, depicting a town in a lush jungle.

Another door, this time in the same dark tones as the futons, opens to the inside of a castle tower. Beautiful ornate paintings, with vibrant souls, line up the golden, honey colored walls. High ceilings in a washed down red are lined by wooden pillars. From the middle of it all, a grand chandelier, made from iron and amber glass, hangs wistfully over the dinner.

In the kitchen and bar station, warm, desert-sand-colored marble countertops collide in amazing contrast with ebony-colored wood, and top-class, inox chrome appliances. The fully equipped kitchen backsplashes with small, bright and warm tiles.

The dinner is formed by a four piece, glass table, which stands on a stone pedestal, guarded by dark leathered chairs.
A wonderfully made bar is set to the right, simply decorated with a set of mirrors, small, intricate ironworks, and hand painted vases.

A large, 8 feet tall mirror, encased in wood, gives grandeur to the room.
In the living area, a large L shaped chocolate sofa, faces the ocean, and next to it mangrove branches intertwine in a small coffee table, and three ornaments in the far ceiling wall. Atop the table, coral pieces show the luxury of the ocean in front.

Upon the wall, a massive arch made solely from stone and iron, twirls and bends and holds its elevated ground, as if it were the entry to a fairy tale.

All this as a wonderful, deep blue dragon roars in the distance; The Sea of Cortez.
In the comfort of the terrace, a round fire pit is surrounded by chairs, tables and lounge chairs. A second dinner is set next to a modern grill. Different ornament line up the wall, shining in the Los Cabos’ Sun.

The soft roar and rumble of the ocean produces a sense of lightness like none that can be described.
Songbirds and water sets add mystery, and wonder, to the music played by the waves.
The master bedroom is indeed fit for a Lord.

The pure, white drapes, covered by small and beautiful gold patterns, contrast with the crème suede couch and orange-fabric, dark-wooded headrest. The king-sized bed is dressed in white, as pure as snow.
Modern art and carved stone permeate the room.

As you enter the master bath, you come upon a large, double sink with a single, massive mirror overlooking the shower. It’s waist-high tiles and glass panels add space to an already large room. A walk-in closet and a single tub finish the room, while everything is placed with art and paintings around.

On the other side of this condominium, there is a small office area, fully quipped, waiting for you to plug a computer to the power source and begin.

Along the hallway that is the guest bathroom, there are two separate sinks made from marble countertops. The shower is large, even holding a small bench in marble tiles for one to rest under the cascading water.
Inside the guest room, a peach colored headrest lined with intricate ironworks, sits atop a queen-sized bed. The various furniture ranges from the elegant deep dark chocolate, to a vibrant gold-and-green pieces. As is a rule, different paintings laid in the walls, guiding your eyes to the giant diamond of the Sea.

A/C, Wi-Fi, and TVs accommodate this home, all above the ground, on the fifth floor.





Price Details
Price per night: $ 950
Minimum no of nights: 3
Listing Details
Property ID: 37121
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 6 Guests
Air Conditioner
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Family/Kid Friendly
Living Area
Living Room
Non Smoking
Ocean View
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Wireless Internet


December 2022
January 2023
$ 950 per night

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