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2401 Tortuga Bay | Los Cabos

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|3 Bedrooms|


 Tortuga Bay | 2401

Entering through the grand white arch, atop of which, a sea turtle seems to navigate through the concrete, and past a security gate opened by a code, the Tortuga Bay community opens its arms to grant you a warm welcome. It is inside this magnificent place, covered by luxurious tropical plants and turquoise pools, that paradise is found in the fourth floor, at the end of a long corridor.

A separate, private gate made from wrought iron keeps the inside of the home intact, away from visitors and private from beginning to end. In the corridor that leads into the front door, floral paintings adorn the white wall that leads into a marvelous poolside view. On the other side of the hall, an exquisite wooden bench crowned with iron stars to hold candle lights, and twirling lamps cling into the wall. An arch in the concrete reveals a stunning view of the sea and beach in front, as plants grow in a hollow log.

The main door, in thick wooden planks and iron rivets and decorations, patiently waits underneath a painted archway the color of the desert sand. From its opened frame, the beauty begins to unravel in wonderful ways.
Thousands of colored tiles adorn the back wall, as two chandeliers stand as bishops to the queen. The ceiling has been covered by wooden supports and strips, as a crevice in the wall has been topped with marble stone and adorned with a metal-framed mirror in marvelous shapes. A wide-open space in the wall shines with the light that enters through the living room and its sliding glass doors.

The L shaped living room, in its brown dress and rug, comfortably basks in the ample space and pure light that the room offers. Two individual couches in colorful imprints upon their white skin face the coffee table, right in the middle of them. The dark woods of the table seem to highlight the contrast between the couch and the cushioned chairs. A flat screen TV is clinging to the wall.

On the opposite side of the room, divided only by the sheer space between them, is the diner. The eight-chair, square table made from solid wood fits with room to spare inside the borders of the rug. The massive, iron chandelier seems thin and small in comparison with the size of all else. In the pillar that segregates the diner from the living room, fantastical candles adorn the underside of a colorful painting.

As the kitchen is revealed, a halfmoon of marble stone protrudes from the main body of the kitchen cabinets. Three tall, wood-and-leather chairs stand in close guard to the stone. A wooden chandelier stands on its own next to the wall, a solid guard to safekeep peace. The kitchen, carefully decorated to show little sign of the top-tech appliances inside of it, has been covered with dark wooden cabinets and marble-stone countertops; the colorful backsplash seems to perfectly blend in, as if there were no other way it should have been.

A long corridor leads the way into the bedrooms, lined with wonderful pictures and candle holders against the pristine walls. On the first door, a fully equipped laundry room can be found.

Next door leads into the guest bathroom, connected with the bedroom on the inside. The guest bedroom can also be accessed through another door on the wall. In here, a full-size bed with a simple headrest in iron bars takes the center of the room. A mirrored sun hangs from the wall, as part of the few decorations the room requires. A wooden drawer set, and closet, finish the scene. Inside the guest bath, a single sink in stone covers leads into the marble-tiled shower.

The Second Master bedroom is across the hall. In here, two full-size beds share the room, separated by a black wooded nightstand. The white linens shine against the gray cushioned headrests and seem to deepen the dark colors of the rug below. A single chair in beige cushions and a magnificently detailed fitment in oily woods take up the sight inside. From the sliding glass doors and into the deck, a different story is told.

Within the room, the private bathroom queues into play. From the double sink in stone tops and massive mirror in wooded frames, to the careful decorations against the wall and near the corner tub and marble-laden shower, its all adds to a mystifying experience. The walk-in closet, large as it is, hides perfectly behind a dark door and the sink’s area.

At the end of the hall, the Master Bedroom awaits. Greeting you as soon as the door opens, purple fabric encases a round mirror, as the oyster encases the pearl. To the right, the Master bathroom sheds its wonders. Double sinks in marble sit above a wonderful rug in uneven patterns. A cushioned bench of leathery skin faces the doors that lead into the closet, and the shower occupies a crevice in the wall, with a see-through glass that oversees the bedroom, tainted by wave-like patterns. To the left, a full-body mirror leans against the back of a dent in the wall. Inside the next space, marble flows in the countertop as a TV set hangs from the wall. Similar stones cover the nightstands on each side of the massive King Size bed. In the far corner of the room, close to the windows, a luxurious wooden office desk sits in front of a metal gate of beautiful intertwining. On the ceiling, a similar arrangement to the one on the main entrance appears in wood.

In the terrace, accessible from all sliding doors, a ten-seats-diner made from stone sits outside the living room, hiding from the sun underneath the deck. Wonderful pillars of stone cradle a wooden plank that decorates the railings. Two large, comfortable lounge chairs in wood-weave frames bask in the sunlight and face the sea, seemingly inches away from the waves. A living room has been set outside the diner, with wood woven couches surrounding a large wooden tabletop and stone base. In the corner, near the sea, another small setting; this time, three chairs in cushioned seats surround a small coffee table, perfect for friends. Potted plants surround extravagant decorations, and further down, a wooden bench faces the other side of the ocean and the green areas below. Two more lounge chairs, the size of full size beds, wait patiently outside the Master Bedroom.

In its entirety, this home is meant to please your senses and engulf you in the passion of this magical land. Welcome to Los Cabos, and welcome home.





Price Details
Price per night: $ 2,580
Minimum no of nights: 3
Listing Details
Property ID: 37079
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Check-in Hour: 4 pm
Check-Out Hour: 11 am
Extra People: 8 Guests max
Air Conditioner
Bar / Restaurant
Dining Area
Dining Room
Elevator in Building
Family/Kid Friendly
Living Area
Living Room
Non Smoking
Ocean View
Outdoor Furniture
Private Terrace / Private Balcony
Wireless Internet


May 2022
June 2022
$ 2,580 per night

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